“…The yellow vests, it is us. We, the artists, the technician,·do·s, aut·eur·rice·s, all these trades of the culture, precarious or not, are absolutely concerned·e·s by this mobilization history…” In a forum, written in a way that is inclusive, a little more than one thousand personalities of the world of culture, including the famous actresses Juliette Binoche and Emmanuelle Béart have co-signed a text, the intonations vibrant, in support of the movement of the yellow vests.

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Relayed in the columns of Release and on the website nousnesommespasdupes.fr it is approximately 1400 artists who return to their account, and especially to their manner, this jacquerie of the Twenty-first century, who manifests his anger in France and Navarre since now six good months.

The rally of the last hour, it seems, not at all convinced the majority of internet users. In the Face of what looks to be a very spontaneous lifting of shields, Le Figaro has chosen to highlight a couple of tweets that illustrate how significant the reactions on the social networks.

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recovery indecent

On social networks, many internet users to criticise the two actresses. They believe that Juliette Binoche and Emmanuelle Beart are the recovery and populist and does not hesitate to point the finger at the paradoxes of these actresses preferred more accustomed to the “beautiful neighborhoods” and ironisent on their “financial difficulties”.

Juliette Binoche ex-muse of a bank

one of them emerges as an archive of Juliette Binoche dating back to 2012, where that it was believed, was all smiles on a poster advertising the Farm Credit Polish.

For the record, the two stars of the film are not the first victims of the revenge of the tweeters. Already this winter, Franck Dubosc – which has had the merit of being a yellow jacket for the first time-, he, too, had suffered the wrath of the critical internetienne. Prey to the criticism, the actor had to change his mind by beating miserablement his breast on the set of TPMP , the great-daily mass for the new king of tv, Cyril Hanouna.

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“yellow Vests” : “A mobilization of 5 months, this is historic,” according to the actor Yvan The Bolloc’h – Watch on Figaro Live