After a fire in a residential building in the North-East of Moscow criminal case

The investigative Committee opened a criminal case after a fire in a residential house on the street of Drifters in the North-East of Moscow. According to the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia around the city Julia Ivanova, proceedings were instituted under two articles: part 1 article 118 of the criminal code and article 168 of the criminal code. According to the investigation, on Monday 29 June, the resident of the house located down the street Drifters in Moscow, showed “criminal negligence” in the treatment of gas-air equipment. The result was an explosion and fire.Injured two residents of the house. They were taken to the city hospital. In SK specified that interviewed witnesses and residents of the home who explained the investigation that the man, in whose apartment the incident occurred, periodically abused alcohol. He is also hospitalized and is in serious condition.

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