The announcement will no doubt shake the excitement of the fans of the more distinguished of series English. The manor of Downton Abbey will open its doors in the space of a night so that two people can enjoy the castle during an unforgettable evening. Published on Airbnb by the countess Fiona Carnarvon in person, the message is very clear. “The château de Highclere – the house of Downton Abbey – is now available for a unique stay. For one night only, you can sleep in one of the rooms emblematic of the castle and have the opportunity to live like the lord or the lady of a mansion majestic”.

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The program of the weekend is short but intense. The arrival is scheduled for 26 November from 16h. After you have submitted the room, the countess will welcome you with a cocktail in the lounge. Guests will then enjoy a dinner in the manner of the characters of the series in the historic dining room in the company of the earl George Herbert and the countess Fiona, and in the presence of the real butler of the remains of Highclere. To finish coffee or tea will be served in the castle library, where they are knotted as before. The next day, before the scheduled departure at 11 am, a breakfast at the English will be given before a private tour of the area.

“Have the opportunity to live like the lord or the lady of a mansion majestic”.

Jane Carnarvon

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The reservation of the stay will only be possible from the 1st October according to the rule of first-come, first-served basis. The whole experience will cost 150 pounds, which is about 170 euros. “This announcement will be very popular, so to book, you must have a profile with Airbnb verified, positive comments and be a fan of Downton Abbey ,” says Jane Carnarvon. Appropriate attire is obviously highly recommended. Waiting for the fateful date, the film Downton Abbey will be released in cinemas on the 25th of September.