in recent months, Renaud was chained to the blows of fate. People magazine Closer reveals this Thursday as the singer 66-year-old has made a nasty fall on the stairs of his home, in l’isle-sur-la-Sorgue (Vaucluse). The accident occurred on January 17. The previous day, the singer attended the funeral of Thierry Séchan, his big brother. The wrists are fractured, Renaud is found with two arms in plaster. The violent shock caused by the fall has left him also contusions and bruises to the face. After providing first aid, the fire brigade, who came in haste, took him to a clinic nearby. According to the magazine, the singer has since joined a hospital to a convalescence.

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The death of Thierry Séchan, who died in early January of a STROKE at 69 years of age has not left Renaud unscathed. “Just like me, Renaud is broken by grief, had given David Séchan, the twin brother of Renaud.

And this, despite the more relationships as tumultuous as had the singer and him. Thierry Séchan, who has written numerous songs for Julien Clerc, Daniel Lavoine, Romane Serda or Elsa, did not hesitate to spread in the media, damning the lifestyle of Renaud and detailing his addiction to alcohol which continues for years.

withdrawal treatment last September

last September, Renaud has been admitted to a clinic for follow withdrawal treatment near Montpellier. In a bad way, it is his daughter Lolita, who would have pushed at that time his father to make this decision.

The last public appearance of the singer dates back to 10 December, when Renaud has received the special Grand prix of the Sacem (Society of authors, composers and publishers of music). He appeared tired, and despite her obvious intention to reassure the public, leather jacket on his shoulders. Then he had to interpret a few of the headlines, the singer disappeared after a brief speech.