The actor Alain Delon, 83 years old, has a cardio-vascular incident and had a “mild” cerebral hemorrhage several weeks ago and it “is” currently in a clinic in Switzerland, announced this on Thursday at the AFP his oldest son Anthony Delon.

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Its vital functions are perfect, and his condition stabilized, according to doctors,” says Anthony Delon. “My father was a cardio-vascular incident, and a slight cerebral hemorrhage”, he stressed in a text. “He was operated on in the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital (paris hospital, ED), where he remained three weeks in intensive care. The whole family has relayed to his bedside, my brother, my sister and my mother Nathalie,” he continued.

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“His vital functions are perfect, and his condition stabilized, according to doctors, he went to Switzerland and sits quietly in a clinic”. “My sister, who now resides in Switzerland following her recovery closely and keeps us informed of his daily progress,” concludes the text. In recent weeks, several magazines people whose Closer and Behold had said that the actor had been the victim of a STROKE and a brain haemorrhage.

in Mid-June, the entourage professional Alain Delon had indicated to the AFP that the actor had been admitted to the american Hospital in Neuilly “for dizziness and headaches seemingly without gravity.” “Symptoms most likely due to a cardiac arrhythmia suffered by the actor”, it was specified of the same source. “It has only been a subject of reviews of precaution and should be released shortly”, had been added.

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sacred Monster of the cinema, Alain Delon received a few weeks ago in Cannes, a Palme d’or of honor from the hands of his daughter Anouchka. Very moved, he had delivered a speech to the accents of wills, speaking of”a posthumous tribute, but of [her] living”.

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