After an accident with Ephraim from the authorities demanded to take the

After the high profile fatal accident in Moscow, which the culprit was drunk, the actor Mikhail Yefremov, the Russian authorities demanded to take the “package of anti-alcohol measures”. The petition is available on the website

the author of the petition writes that it is necessary to provide in the legislation a life of deprivation automotive rights for those who are caught drunk driving. Also, the drunk drivers have to confiscate the car in favor of the victims in the accident. Another requirement is to increase the age limit the sale of alcohol and prohibit the sale of alcohol in apartment buildings. In addition, the author of the petition demands to ban alcohol advertising on the Internet and the sale of alcohol via the Internet.

the measures Proposed by the author called “alcohol package name of Sergey Zakharov” — a driver who was seriously injured in an accident with Ephraim, and later died in hospital.

the author of the petition indicates that “every year in Russia on a direct cause of excessive alcohol consumption kills thousands of innocent people”, are 15 thousand accidents caused by drunk driving. The petition was signed by more than 700 people.

Recall, the evening of 8 June in the centre of Moscow Mikhail Efremov on your Jeep Grand Cherokee drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a car VAZ. The accident injured the driver of the Lada, he later died in hospital. Efremov no injuries have not received. Police arrested Ephraim and sent for a medical examination. Examination has established that the actor was drunk, found in the blood of 2.1 ppm of alcohol (about a bottle of vodka). Also in the body of Ephraim was discovered traces of drugs.

Ephraim is charged under paragraph “a” of part 4 of article 264 of the criminal code (“Violation of a person administering car, traffic regulations or operation of vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of the person, if the person was intoxicated”). Court DEPAvil Ephraim on house arrest until August 9, he will wear an electronic bracelet. Fault in the accident, the actor admitted.

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