The mother named her baby daughter Mia after herself

Miami International Airport received a special arrival.

A woman gave birth at Miami International Airport on Sunday morning after arriving from Chicago on an American Airlines flight.

The woman was supposed to connect to Honduras but took a slight detour.

Chin said that the baby was delivered in a bathroom near Gate D43 at around 10:30 am. This was done with the assistance of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (Miami-Dade Fire Rescue).

Unidentified mother named her newborn daughter Mia after the airport in which she was born.

Although the family refused to speak with Chin, Chin stated that they were happy to be a part baby Mia’s story.

“We were honored and proud to assist the mother with a safe delivery at MIA. We are also proud to announce that Mia was named after her successful arrival at our airport. Fox received an email from Chin.

Daniella Levine Cava, Miami-Dade County’s Mayor, also tweeted about the exciting “arrival” of the airport.

“Grateful that mommy and baby are doing well — and kudos for the amazing @iflyMIA Terminal team, @MiamiDadePD and @MiamiDadeFire to this special arrival,” said the mayor.