Since October of 2017 and the first charges of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, Rose McGowan is one of the leading figures in the cause of a feminist in Hollywood. While a trial for possession of cocaine shall be held on January 15 in Virginia, the american actress has preferred not to contest the charges and will pay a fine, according to her lawyer, in USA Today on Wednesday. Found guilty, she could be sentenced up to ten years behind bars.

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The court agreed to reduce the burden on Rose McGowan, from possession criminal possession of tort of narcotic drugs,” explains James W. Hundley, his lawyer. The accused will appeal to the “nolo contendere”, a procedure that allows him not to challenge the prosecution, while not admitting any guilty intention.

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“Miss McGowan has accepted this agreement in order to avoid his family, his friends and his support with the emotional stress that would have led to the trial for the crime,” explains James W. Hundley. “The agreement allows you to put an end to this trial and allow him to concentrate fully on what matters most to it: create a better world,” continues the lawyer.

A conspiracy of Harvey Weinstein?

In January 2017, the wallet of Rose McGowan, forgot to board a plane to Dulles airport in Virginia, is found by a member of staff with the cocaine inside. “You left your wallet in your plane Saturday, with two bags of cocaine”, he would have written a stranger in a private message on Instagram a few days after the incident, to the great astonishment of the actress.

After months of hesitation, the actress is in November 2017 before the authorities of Virginia in pleading his innocence. “Things were really weird. I even hired a private detective to investigate the authenticity of the mandate,” said the actress to the New Yorker to justify its delay. The actress and her lawyers believe that Harvey Weinstein was able to put the drugs in her bag for the trap, because Rose McGowan is one of the first women to have brought charges direct against the former producer. “It is public knowledge today that Harvey Weinstein uses sneaky strategies to reduce its victims to silence”, had commented the lawyer, Jessica Carmichael on the sidelines of a hearing in Virginia in may 2018. The actress had been released at the time against a deposit of $ 5,000.

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on The 21st of December, Harvey Weinstein, who demanded a criminal prosecution, due to errors of the prosecution, has been dismissed in court. The next hearing of the trial preparation of the former magnate of the film is attached to the 7 march. Of con side, Rose McGowan has recently reconciled with Asia Argento, the other face of the movement #MeToo. It wanted to make him a trial for libel, in the case that the objects to Jimmy Bennett.