The american singer to success Taylor Swift has come under fire a warning shot on the part of the entourage of the president of the United States. Engaged with the LGBT community, the artist is at the origin of a petition in favour of the Equality Act, a bill to reduce discrimination. Remained silent since its launch on 13 June, the White House has reacted to the August 27, on the occasion of the appearance live on Fox News from Kellyanne Conway, a consultant to Donald Trump.

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“I think that when in Hollywood, the singers, and the rest politisent, it is well at the time, that makes a lot of noise. But we have seen so many times that it could be turned against them and explode in their face”, she said, after chantonné a few notes of the last tube of the artist, You Need to Calm Down – you should calm down, in French.

At the recent MTV Music Awards the 26th of August last, Taylor Swift is mounted several times on stage, receiving awards including the best clip. “The petition to the Equality Act now has a half-million signatures, five times the amount needed to justify a response from the White House”, she started, looking pointedly his watch to tell his impatience to do battle with Donald Trump. .