It has become the enemy no. 1 of the music industry. All the world turns away from it. After Lady Gaga, Celine Dion has demanded on Tuesday that a piece from his collaboration with R. Kelly to be removed from the platforms of streaming. In 1998, Céline Dion and R. Kelly have recorded a whole I’m Your Angel . A tube of the time. Old icon of R&B made famous by the I Believe I Can Fly , R. Kelly is in turmoil since the release, on 5 and 6 January, a damning documentary, Surviving R. Kelly , the long six hours.

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The evidence accuses her of having had sexual relations with young girls under the age of 16 years old, when he was major – liable to imprisonment in the relevant State, Illinois. An investigation has been opened and an appeal for witnesses was launched. In 2017, a survey published by the Buzzfeed claimed that he held in quasi-slavery of young women at home, cutting them off from the world and forcing them to have sex. R. Kelly has denied the facts. The girls are all major no-indictment is possible, much to the chagrin of several families.

By removing I’m Your Angel , Céline Dion, following the example of Lady Gaga, who has removed the January 10, Do What U Want (With my Body) platforms. A duet with R. Kelly, which date of 2013. “I’m sorry, both for my lack of discernment when I was young, and also not to have spoken sooner,” could I read it on the Twitter account of Lady Gaga.

A mea culpa-general

Even if the justice has not yet ruled, the american celebrities say they have lacked discernment with regard to R. Kelly. Chance The Rapper, a singer, a native of Chicago, has published on 5 January on Twitter: “I present my apologies to all the survivors, to have worked with him and have taken so much time to express myself”. He expressed the wish to withdraw platforms, Somewhere in Paradise , a duet recorded with R. Kelly in 2015.

Tank, the other star of R&B says they want to have “not realized sooner,” on the behavior of sidekick. “I couldn’t separate the musician of the monster”, he explained on the 6th of January on Instagram. Rapper Nick Cannon has sung with R. Kelly in Hustler , in 2003. He has published on the 11th of January a long message on Instagram: “After a lot of reflection, I must be one of the first to admit to have knowingly ignored the grey areas that exist in the music industry”,-he said. Industry gangrene, according to him, by “male behavior is sexist”.

The French group Phoenix have also beaten their breast. “We are deeply shocked by the stories of abuse surrounding R. Kelly, have they done know on Twitter. We regret not having been better informed and more clear-sighted”. After a performance with R. Kelly on stage at the festival Coachella in 2013, the musicians have worked with him on the title Trying to Be Cool . The campaign #MuteRKelly, launched on the networks in 2017, aims to raise awareness throughout the world of music and the artists who have collaborated with him. A request for still the heavy weights of the rap, such as Jay-Z or Snoop Dogg.

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Well before the current charges, R. Kelly has been sued for filming in 2002 his antics with a 13 year old girl. He was acquitted in 2008 after several months of legal battle and a cheque for $ 250,000.