six weeks of the Oscars, the ceremony is the most glamorous Hollywood still has no presenter announced. The film academy has not found a successor to the controversial Kevin Hart, landed 48 hours after his appointment. The comedian refused to apologize for tweets homophobic. A vacancy that the Oscars should not ultimately seek to fill, is believed to know Variety .

For the first time since 1989, the gala will not have a facilitator assigned to you, unless a volunteer last minute was to know. Instead, the sizes of the 7th art will be on stage, on the 24th of February, to introduce the categories, the remettants, tributes to the missing and other stagings are meant to spice up the evening. Lady Gaga, Dolly Parton and Kendrick Lamar, likely named for the statuette for best song, would also be put to contribution. This method has already been used on several editions, as in 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1989.

Avoid doing worse than in 1989

This strategy is a radical one, for some experts, could be a bad for a good. The position of presenter of the Oscars is one of the most ungrateful of Hollywood. The pay is bad. Requiring a lot of preparation. The personality chosen is in the first line and wipes all the reviews of the evening, and is often held partly responsible for hearings to be disappointing. Mobilized in 2017 and 2018, the talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel had clearly indicated that it does not wish to renew the experience. His predecessors, Chris Rock and Ellen DeGeneres were of the same opinion.

not to go through the check presenter record might also help to de-politicize the ceremony and back to the cinema, hoping to some. Positions and jokes anti-Trump of the previous years are pointed out to explain the leak of the spectators.

Weakened by the coaster on the Oscar popular film, and the controversy over Kevin Hart, the academy of the Oscars and pray just for this choice does not lead to the collapse of 1989. In a sketch of the opening, remained in the memory for its infamy, the actor Rob Lowe sang on stage with Snow White. A flop of history and a moment in kitsch wish!