This is a soap opera which started in the beginning of the week. Steven Spielberg’s part in crusade against Netflix and wants to banish their films in the Oscar race. The reason for this? The director is convinced that there is “a difference between streaming and broadcast to the cinema”, as referred to Indie Wire one of its spokesperson for Amblin. “Through him, with him, in him,” the giant of the streaming could not help but respond, and tweeted his love for the cinema and make it accessible to all, everywhere and for everyone.

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a Member of the board of the Academy of the Oscars, Steven Spielbergdoit get to a meeting next month where it represents all of the directors of the profession. According to a spokesperson for Amblin, the filmmaker hopes to be able to count on other members to mock his question. For its part, the Academy said that “discussions would be held with the various trades and study the subject at the April meeting”. If the story would have been able to calm down for the time that the meeting is “post-Oscars” to be held, it was without counting on the intervention of some voters of the Academy, as reported in Variety.

“Hollywood is focused on blockbusters and sequels to films inspired by comics”

Joe Berlinger, Variety

“With all due respect that I owe to Steven as a person and as a director, it does not read in the tea leaves,” said Stu Zakim, a member of the academy of the Oscars and former press secretary Steven Spielberg, with whom he has worked on many releases of films. “He has missed the boat,” he continued. In fact, with the rise of streaming platform such as Netflix, the seventh art is evolving and allows filmmakers to be more modest than Steven Spielberg to express themselves and be seen by thousands of people.

“Netflix does a lot for the filmmakers in their way of producing their films and show them to the world,” says a voter whose name has not been revealed. It is so hard to make independent films these days. I’m not certain that it was the kind of guy to worry about finding a distributor. I’m not sure that he knows what he says.” And that’s what are many voters the image of Joe Berlinger ( Paradise Lost ) and regrets that”Hollywood is focused on blockbusters and sequels to films inspired by comics”, rather than “auteur films, independent to an audience more mature, which is in danger of extinction. As a director and member of the Academy, I want to be able to give it a chance and merit to these films survive and this, regardless of the number of cinemas that planned.”

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At the time of the next film from Joe Berlinger, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile , is scheduled for release on Netflix, after it was purchased for $ 9 million at Sundance, the sweet words of the director about the giant, the streaming does not surprise. They do not lack meaning. It is certain that most of the nearly 7,000 voters from the Academy of the Oscars have grown up with their favorite films inside the dark rooms. And it is on this point that Steven Spielberg wants to emphasise the “its” campaign next month at the meeting of the members of the board.

If it is it is clear that the industry is changing and that its mode of viewing also, this is not to say that the movie theaters are in danger of death, and this, most of the voters seem to have understood it.