Ten days after its closure, the Arc de Triomphe will reopen its doors to the public. Wednesday, 12 December, precisely. The announcement was first made by Philippe Bélaval, president of the Centre des monuments nationaux, on Twitter, before being confirmed in a press release of the ministry of Culture.

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“The Arc de Triomphe will reopen to the visit tomorrow, Wednesday 10 December (sic) the usual opening,” tweeted by the official. “The Centre des monuments nationaux will be able to re-open the arc de triomphe to the public on Wednesday 12 December in satisfactory conditions of security and hospitality, both to visitors and the officers of the monument”, a-t-on said street of Valois.

in Addition to the marble bust of Napoleon, many works damaged are “the subject of restoration and will be incorporated in the itinerary of the visit as soon as possible”, added the press release.

The monument has been the scene of violence and damage during protests of the yellow vests on the 1st of December. Some individuals, have not hesitated to tag the pillars of this national symbol. “The yellow vests will triumph”, “Macron resignation”, “improved RSA”, “Justice for Adama”, could we read on the monument which houses the tomb of the unknown soldier.

In total, these damages have been estimated at “several hundreds of thousands of euros,” said Philippe Bélaval in Figaro the day after the day of mobilization of the movement apolitical. The authors of this destruction “will be found and brought to justice,” added Edward Philip to the rostrum of the Senate a few days later.