Véronique Sanson “goes better”, her vocal cords are “nickel” and she will be back on stage in April. The singer, who currently treats cancer of the tonsil has announced good news on Sunday on France 2. What does a little to reassure his fans, worried since the announcement, on the 11th of September last, of this tumor which had been forced to cancel eleven concerts scheduled in November and December 2018.

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In the issuance of Laurent Delahousse 20: 30 on Sunday , she appeared smiling in spite of his features drawn, the neck protected by a long scarf. Tired by six weeks of radiation therapy, she has followed from the month of September, but very determined. The singer, who learned in July its disease, and was assured that it would happen on the 24th of April at the Palais des Sports in Paris, the day she will celebrate her 70 years. Then on the 26th of April, she will sing a second time in this room, where she was “the first woman to give a concert,” she said.

during this interview recorded Thursday at his home in the suburbs of paris, Véronique Sanson has admitted the need to “rest”. “We can’t do otherwise, because there are times where you go down a floor, it is exhausting,” she confided. The rays were so tired that she even stopped for a time to play the piano. “I didn’t want to do, she revealed to our colleagues in the Paris . In these moments, we think of everything except music, she added. It is concentrated, in order not to die.”

Of the vocal cords spared but a loss of taste

about his full recovery, it is rather optimistic: “It will get better but this is not finished, it’s on the way,” she said on France 2. Fingers crossed, I’m still tired, but I’ll take it back. I’m not at my top, but it is a matter of time”.

She especially wanted reassuring about his voice, that she thought she lost when she learned of the existence of this tumor in a tonsil. “This is the first thing that I was sitting on the floor because I said to myself, if it is, I could never find my voice,” admitted the singer-songwriter of Vancouver . “But my vocal cords are nickel. It is the periphery that is not yet in very good condition”, she insisted, saying that the treatment she received caused him a loss of taste. This sense is indispensable to the moral “is in the process of coming back,” she adds.

in The spring, she will sing the titles of his fifteenth studio album, Worthy, crazy, so… , and perhaps even a few with those and those who accompanied her on her latest album Duets volatile , which has just been released. In total, ten performances await in April and may in France and Belgium, announced its producer, Gilbert Coullier in a press release. There is no doubt that the one that is said to be “furious to have had to cancel concerts”, which to him was “never happened”, expects firm foothold the reunion with his audience.