first known for his comedy series Key&Peele , Jordan Peele has reached international fame thanks to his first film Get Out . An oscar (best original screenplay) and multiple nominations (best director, best first film, best film) later, here it is sacred in 2017 new genius of horror by critics and the public.

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With Lupita’nyong’o, oscar winner for her role in 12 Years a slave , and Winston Duke, who played the rival to Me in Baku in Black Panther , Us tells the vacation of a couple of parents with their two children in their secondary residence, which quickly turns to drama when surprise guests decide to visit them. Also, Elisabeth Moss winning the Golden Globes for his mind-blowing performance in The Handmaid’s tale . The trailer freshly revealed unveils the theme of this new album, the idea that “we are our worst enemy”.

If he had exploited the theme of racism ordinary american with her first psychological thriller, Jordan Peele seems to be this time want to delve into the horror with a lot less restraint. “I wanted to do something much more characteristic of the cinema of horror, while remaining faithful to my love for the movies twisted but fun,” he points out at Entertainment Weekly. To best prepare for the actress, the director was advised Lupita’nyong o ten classics to watch before filming. Among them, Shining Kubrick, The Birds Hitchcock, Sixth sense M. Night Shyamalan. “It was one of the people with whom I most wanted to work,” she says in turn, also big fan of Get Out .

On the social networks, fans of the director have immediately responded to the first images of the film. When some are already beginning to draw parallels between the two productions of Peele, others rejoice in the casting. “I don’t think I have ever seen of the black family on the screen where all have the same skin color, it is beautiful. I was fed up of the usual pattern of the husband to the dark skin of the bride to the skin clear and their daughter metis”, we can read on Twitter.

Us of Jordan Peele will be released in cinemas on march 20.