Again embarked on the knee

Before the start of the second race, “Formula 1” championship “Grand Prix of Styria”, the pilots once again staged a campaign aimed at combating racial inequality. Part of the pilot bowed the knee, and some, including Daniil Kvyat, Max Verstappen, Charles LeClair and Kimi Raikkonen, although wearing “protest” t-shirts, remained standing.

it is Difficult to say how all this helped in the race, but Daniel, representing the “alpha Tauri”, which started 13th, finished tenth. His teammate Pierre went Out was only 15-m, which, oddly enough, the rosiyanin plus team fight has not been canceled. The first race of the championship is not finished because of a flat tire.

And the winners are: Lewis Hamilton (the first race took only fourth place) and Valteri Bottas from “Mercedes”, and Max Verstappen, predstavlyayushie “Red bull racing”.

Race vnoi was held without spectators due to pandemic coronavirus.

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