Coronavirus again intervened in ftbol. As you know, the six players of “Rostov” presumably uninfected, but because the whole basis of who trained them doubles, the coaches went to the quarantine. On the transfer of the match 23 round of the Russian Premier League their opponents from Sochi disagreed, but because Rostovites had to include eight Junior players and ten 17-year-old boys born in 2003.

the Most senior in the team was 19-year-old. Most of released on the players in blue (although the main yellow) form for the first time signed a professional contract — if only for a month and a half. According to commentators of the TV channel Match, even the “boys” serve balls, looked at their background, “veteransday”.

it is Clear that the end result was no doubt — the only question was, whether after 90 minutes the score two-digit and whether “restoration” once hit the target’s opponents. But the young Rostov received his moment of glory, scoring in the 50th second. Goal scored by Roman Romanov, who wrote thus to his name in the annals of RPL.

Yes, and then everything fell into place, although this is actively prevented the goalkeeper “Rostov” Denis Popov to stop a penalty from Anton Zabolotny is not allowed to blow through Alexander Kokorono — and would have made a beautiful goal.

But four goals residents in the first half, scored, and then another six in the second. A hat-trick from Kokorin, doubles Zabolotny Snake, and finally 10:1. All that managed to meet their rivals, another shot on goal in the second 45-minute period, did not hit the target.

Yes, the miracle did not happen (although the goal can already be considered as such). Yes, even a technical failure would not be that devastating, but recall that two of absence the team is eliminated from the tournament, and the Rostov youth, out on the field, fun from this perspective the opponents are not delivered. But took him to the fans, giving them at least 15 minutes of intrigue — while residents did not come forward. And the goalkeeper Popov remembered: rescued more often than he missed.

Recall that in the first match of the renewed superiority of RPL “Ahmad” beat visiting “wings of the Soviets” — 4:2. The remaining six matches of the Matchday 23 will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

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