Against the ban transgender marriages in Russia has been 43 thousand people

Network a petition against amendments to the Family code of Russia has been signed by more than 43 thousand times. Opponents of the bill to ban transgender people in marriage and adoption, demand from the deputies of the state Duma to reject it as “discriminatory”.

the Signatories called the situation with the emergence of such legislative initiatives “disgrace of modern Russia”.

the Initiative, said in the petition, violates the rights of thousands of people to a prosperous life in the country. The only thing left these citizens to seek asylum in other countries, say the opponents of the new law. “Such discriminatory practices lead to an increase of violence against homosexual and transgender Russians,” — warn the authors of the petition.

it is Noted that the prohibitions introduced by senators under the pretext of “strengthening the institution of the family.” As a result, the pupils of Russian orphanages will lose their chances for guardianship and subsequent adoption into loving families, warn the initiators of the petition.

yesterday in Moscow and St. Petersburg, police detained transgender people, which conducted pickets against innovation. In police departments were more than 30 people.

this week it became known that Elena Mizulina and another group of members of the Federation Council has submitted to the State Duma a draft law banning transgender people to marry and to adopt children. The initiative was connected with the new amendments to the Constitution of the country in which the marriage is characterized as “the voluntary Union of a man and a woman.”

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