At the beginning of the year, the Cinémathèque française had devoted a great retrospective of the career of Agnès Varda. Tuesday, April 2, at 11 o’clock, prior to his funeral which will take place in 14 hours at the cemetery of Montparnasse, the institution film paid tribute to him.

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In a message very sober published on the Twitter account of the institution cinéphilique, the children of Agnès Varda and the director Costa-Gavras has prompted many fans of the filmmaker to come to the cinematheque: “Rosalie Varda Demy, Mathieu Demy, the team of Cine-Tamaris, president Costa-Gavras, the directors and staff of The Cinémathèque française invite his friends and admirers to attend the tribute that we give back to him Tuesday, April 2, at 11am, at The Cinémathèque française.”

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Madonna, and Scorsese moved by the disappearance of Agnès Varda

The announcement of the death of Agnes Varda has moved from artistic personalities to the forefront in France, of course, and in the world. Madonna has praised her “curious mind, creative, childlike until the last moment”. The French director Claude Lelouch commended, as to him, “a great lady of the cinema”.

The highly respected american filmmaker Martin Scorsese has advised, on Instagram, the young film makers to watch the films of Agnès Varda, who “has charted its own path” through “films, hand-made, remarkable, with this beautiful balance between documentary and fiction”.

Woman of convictions on the original inspiration, often a pioneer, at the border of documentary and fiction, with an incomparable taste of others, Agnes Varda leaves to the posterity of the works as remarkable as. Cleo from 5 to 7 (1962), Without roof or law (1985), The Marauders and the mound building (2000), The beaches of Agnès (2009), or Faces, villages (2017).

the cemetery of Montparnasse, she will join Jacques Demy, his love disappeared in October 27, 1990, said she often has been the spring that has constantly reached its life.

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