Agricultural chemist told how to make roses long flowering

Roses are blooming in Russia at the end of June and with good care can please the owners with a lush flower until the first frosts. How to extend the life rosary, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was told by the agricultural chemist-soil scientist and head of club of fans of Floristics Love Yakushev.

“Roses love watering and fertilizer are two key aspects which need attention. The sun flowers really do dry quickly — so they need plenty of water, and in the morning and evening to spray warm water,” explains agricultural chemist.

as fertilizer you can use manure or herbal infusion.

“you Can pick from the garden weeds, tamping them in a bucket and cover with water. During the week the water rises, will begin the process of decay would be the necessary microbes. And this water can be watered the roses,” advises Love Yakushev.

To the roses were large and lush, you must remove the flower stalk all the buds except one. Quickly cut from the Bush is needed and already withered buds, recommends the expert.

“And roses suffer from pests. Aphids, green caterpillars — these insects must be combated. Helps the drug “Biotin” with Imidacloprid. In addition, it is important to regularly collect from the flowers of the tracks manually, if you’ll notice,” said the agricultural chemist.

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