He was an architect, plastic artist and photographer, he is a director. As for his photos from the fingers of honour from 1995 to 2003, or its facilities pro-immigrations to New York in 2017, his recovery from Turandot will be docked in the news. His version of the unfinished work of Giacomo Puccini will be played at the Opera house in Rome from 25 march to 5 April 2020. And, as often, the provocations of the internationally renowned artist will be directed against his country of origin, China, entangled in a revolt in Hong Kong.

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“The protests will be reflected in the opera”, he confided to The Art Newspaper. In addition to the mise en scene, Ai Weiwei will be in charge of costumes. “This will be an opera immersed in the contemporary world with political struggles, and current cultural views through the history of Puccini”, he adds.

special meaning

The artist says that if he accepted the offer of institution roman, it is only because Turandot has a special meaning for him. Then he was an artist without the penny, making his debut in New York, his half-brother Dan and him have worked as an extra in a production lighthouse, the work of Puccini, directed by Franco Zeffirelli at the Metropolitan Opera House in 1987. “I never forgot you worked at the Met with my brother, he said to La Repubblica . I did to finance my studies, the work being culturally very distant from my own interests.”

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For him, the violence of the repression in Hong Kong could end up in the blood. In an interview with AFP, he does not hesitate to compare current events to those of June 1989, which were ended by the massacre of Tiananmen. “There is no other way, they do not know how to negotiate, or discuss. It is the nature of this authoritarian regime, They do not know how to do otherwise. They have only the police and the army,” growls he.

The artist’s 61-year-old also confirms wanting to leave Germany, where he had resided up to the present, “for multiple political reasons”, without saying, however, where he plans to establish.