Alain Delon has been received and examined Friday morning at the american Hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine on the occasion of a series of reviews. The actor has been the victim of a malaise vagal earlier in the day. An episode which has worried his family and which led to his hospitalization. He was out in the day and return to his paris home. “All is well” for him, says his entourage, stressing that he only did reviews of caution.

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According to our information, the actor star French, aged 83 years, suffering from several days of headaches and dizziness, likely caused by his cardiac arrhythmia for which it is monitoring. Plagued by a series of seizures last week, the actor had been led by his body guards at the clinic Jouvenet – Ramsay Overall health, in the Sixteenth arrondissement.

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Alain Delon in tears, receives the honorary palme d’or for his career – to Watch on Figaro Live

Awarded at the Cannes film festival with a palme d’or of honor in may, Alain Delon had made his farewell to the cinema on the Croisette. Interviewed by the geneva newspaper The illustrated, the actor’s 83-year-old, established in Geneva since 1978 and became a naturalised swiss in 1999, explained that he was strongly in favor of assisted suicide. A practice whose legitimacy continues to be debated in France, while the case of Vincent Lambert unleashes the passions. “I am totally for,” says the actor of the Samurai, without detour. I have already arranged with my lawyers swiss virtually everything that happens on the day where I will have to leave, he also explained. I don’t want to be murdered.”

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