Awarded at the Cannes film festival with a palme d’or of honor last Sunday, Alain Delon has made his farewell to the cinema on the Croisette. Every interview he gives to the press hints at a man worried, but determined in the face of death. Interviewed Sunday by the geneva newspaper shown , the actor’s 83-year-old, established in Geneva since 1978 and became a naturalised swiss in 1999, was delivered on a subject particularly sensitive, with the freedom of speech that we know him for: the assisted suicide. A practice whose legitimacy continues to be debated in France, while the case of Vincent Lambert unleashes the passions. “I am totally for,” says the actor of the Samurai , without detour.

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“Exit Switzerland, I find it awe-inspiring”, he continues, referring to the swiss association, since 2000, accompanies people who are sick or at the end of life who wish to put an end to their day. In Switzerland, assisted suicide is permitted and is distinguished from euthanasia – illegal – because it refers to the fact provide a person the means to commit suicide, without a third party do the triggers. “There is a very clean, net. You’re in your room with the people you want, with the friends thou hast chosen,” continues Alain Delon, recognizing a “right” to choose to die.

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All except Hallyday

Alain Delon love the business tidy. “I’ve already arranged with my lawyers swiss virtually everything that happens on the day where I will have to leave,” he says. I don’t want to be murdered.” As the actor had already explained the beginning of may, he wants to prevent a sale after his death and a battle for his legacy. In contrast to the children and the wife of his friend Johnny Hallyday. “It’s been over a year that the family Hallyday rips in the press,” said the old man. His daughter, 28-year-old, Anouchka Delon will be responsible for the execution of his last wishes. In 2016, during an auction that we had attended, the giant of the 7th art was separated from his works the most intimate, and his collection of bronzes of Rembrandt Bugatti.

In illustrated , Alain Delon admits that he is now seeking to separate from its property of Douchy – village of 1000 inhabitants in the Loiret, near Montargis. “My daughter wanted to keep the domain, but a single person can’t get out of it,” he says. Douchy’s costing me a fortune in maintenance.” The actor became the owner of this area of 55 hectares in 1971, on which he built a large house designed by his care. There is also built a small chapel which will host his remains, not far from where are the 35 dogs that accompanied him throughout his life.

The grief of Romy Schneider

in the Face of Alain Delon, the reporter from shown is allowed to go to a particularly personal one: if the life was to do over again, would marry-it is Romy Schneider? After meeting on the set of Christine in 1958, soon turned into romance, the two stars were betrothed but never married. “It’s not impossible…, meets Alain Delon. But, even married me, she would no longer be of this world. Romy is not a party by chance in 1982. It is dead because it has never supported the atrocious ending of David, his son.” In 14 years, the teen died after being injured on the sharp edges of a portal. His mother died ten months later, at 43 years old, on the night of may 29, 1982, succumbing to an excess of sleeping pills and alcohol.

“Age is a shipwreck”, said general de Gaulle – a word that likes to repeat Alain Delon. The General is the politician he admired the most. The more trivial, the lord Tancred of Cheetah is his comparison: “As the car of the 400,000 terminals, it lacks a little of water, oil, you have deflated tires, decrypts it there. There’s nothing we can do, this is what we call the age.” Without doubt, it is also what is called wisdom.