once is not custom. Alan Moore, 65, announced that he would retire after the release of the sixth and last volume of the League of extraordinary gentlemen , published on July 17, we learn from The Guardian . The british author who had already announced his farewell to comics, in 2016, in the same columns, has this time promised.

” READ – Watchmen, the “Rosetta stone” of modern comics

a Native of Northampton, in Great Britain, that the author has the false air of Rasputin is a figure of the BD anglo-saxon. Author of three successful, award-winning in Angoulême, he has revealed to the public all the literary dimension of the ninth art In 1986, accompanied in the drawing by Dave Gibbons, it creates the event with Watchmen (Guards) , a re-reading of the myth of the super-heroes with depression at psychology, tortured and threatened by the imminence of a nuclear apocalypse. He continued with V for Vendetta , awarded in 1990 in Angoulême, a series of policy-fiction, portraying an England fascist, as well as From Hell , a work on Jack the Ripper that captures all the savagery of the victorian era.

Published at the end of the 2000s, The League of extraordinary gentlemen brings together characters iconic of the popular literature of the Nineteenth century, among them the invisible man, Allan Quatermain, Captain Nemo, dr. Henry Jekyll and his double, Mr. Hyde.

The author, brought to the screen by Hollywood several times to his greatest displeasure, continued the success, both critical and commercial. Alan Moore has become one of the greatest writers of the anglo-saxons of the past thirty years. The novelist Jean-Patrick Manchette, which, translated in French Watchmen, of which the television series is expected in the fall on HBO, pointed out “the flicker of his tongue. A writing is highly sought after, which makes him a great writer”. In 2017, his second novel of over 1000 pages, Jerusalem, had not gone unnoticed : “ Flowing, syncopated, dizzying, his narrative-like carousel confounds as much as it fascinates” wrote our colleagues of Télérama .