Alaskans have demanded to demolish the monument to the ruler of Russian colonies

In Alaska, a group of local residents demanded to demolish the monument to Alexander Baranov, the Governor of the Russian colonies in North America.

As writes TASS, citing the city Governor of Sitka John Leach, activists hold protests against the monument. In their opinion, it hurts the feelings of indigenous peoples.

In Alaska, petitions call for the removal of statues in at least three cities Alaska: Baranov in Sitka, Cook in Anchorage and Seward in Juneau.

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— KTOO (@KTOOpubmedia) June 26, 2020

At the same time some residents are urged to keep the statue because it “is historical and artistic value”. The decision of the city Council.

Earlier, protesters against racism in the United States dismantled the monument discovered America, the Explorer Christopher Columbus, the first President George Washington, and author of the national anthem Francis Scott Key.

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