To the Giacometti exhibition, between tradition and avant-garde, on more than fifty heads, busts, figures-of-foot, single or in group – plasters, marbles or bronzes – exposed to the musée Maillol, almost half of which was signed Rodin, Bourdelle, Despiau. And also Brancusi, Laurens, Lipchitz, Zadkine, Csaky or even Richier.

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In the windows or placed on raised podiums, in a refined stage design alternating series of glass cubes and trays of all sizes, bathed in a light, frank and the funds of various white broken, the art of Giacometti and found roots, context, specific to its originality and influence. From the teaching given by Bourdelle to the walking Man , passing by the companionships cubists and surrealists, the trajectory of the one that we imagine, rather to work alone in his cave-workshop appears to be more closely enshrined in his century.

Giacometti between tradition and the avant-garde , at the musée Maillol, 59, rue de Grenelle (Paris Vii).

Phone: 01 42 22 59 58

Hours: every day from 10: 30 to 18: 30, Friday until 20: 30

Until 20 January

Catalog: Mercator, 192 pages, 30 €