Whether we like it or not, there can be no question that inheritance as soon as one embarks on writing new adventures of Asterix and Obelix in film animation. Four years ago, at the exit of the Field of the gods , we had welcomed the transmission of the torch successful between the tandem worship Uderzo – Goscinny and the one formed by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy.

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Four years later, these two always come back under the leadership of the French studio of synthesized images, Mikros, with a new episode of the lively saga. This time, the story is not the adaptation of one or several original albums, but a new plot, designed by Astier and Clichy.

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From the outset, as in the previous film, the pre-intro of a beautiful virtuosity leads us to the heart of the forest in brittany where one follows the gathering of the mistletoe by our dear druid Panoramix. But soon, everything shifts… with the irruption of a certain Sulfurix!

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Aware of the wealth of the universe at their fingertips, Astier and Clichy have taken care not to spoil it. In the center of the film, the succession of Panoramix and the transmission of the formula for the magic potion. Bathed in pop culture and schoolboy humor-soaked irreverence, slight, Astier remains faithful to the original work of Uderzo – Goscinny. Handle some characters as iconic as Asterix, Obelix or Panoramix resembles the way a scientist could make the recipe for TNT… A drop of powder in too, an abrupt gesture, a form moved, and the balance is broken. It is the explosion ensured.

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In The Secret of the magic potion , we cannot say that the explosions are missing… But these are explosions of laughter. The film advance to three hundred at a time. Funny each sequence, the children will learn mainly that the “druids” the gauls have nothing to do with the “droids” of Star Wars , which will allow them to reconnect with their european roots, and the history of a people wicked, really friendly, albeit a tad short-tempered, or quick to fight…

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Because yes, the Gauls that we react to a quarter turn to provocations, type first and rabibochent then. This is a mode of communication, Uderzo and Goscinny had already understood all of the springs comedy from 1959. In the end, with the “ Pixar touch” to the French brought on by Clichy, this new Asterix lively and will likely be “the” entertainment of Christmas for small as for large. The box-offix has only to well stand!

Asterix and the secret of the magic potion animation film by Louis Clichy and Alexandre Astier

voice: Christian clavier, Florence Foresti, Daniel Mesguich, Alex Lutz

Duration: 1: 45