• What is the subject of the album?

This evening, Emma pretends to go to bed. Under the duvet, she opened The Little red riding Hood . But stops. No, no! She knows too well what will happen to the little riding hood who wants to visit his mother-great. Then, neither one nor two, she jumps into the story to warn the girl. Together they develop a plan. “And if we caught the wolf?”, says Emma. “Then, we apprivoisera”, replied the girl, excitedly. The project takes shape when a fox, out of nowhere, offers of help. Should we listen to?

While Emma drove into the forest, climb on the roof of the house of mother-big shouts to warn of the arrival of the wolf, things don’t go as planned… The little girl, the little red riding hood and the fox are going to have to be extra cunning. But will they get there?

• For whom is the book intended?

All the world loves a story. A fortiori, if it is tales of Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm. The story of Little red riding Hood, revisited by Alexander Garden, and illustrated by Hervé Le Goff, speaks to all. However, the book is labeled for ages three and above. It should therefore be more likely to support young children and their parents. Moreover, the authors amuse to convene the playful spirit of their readers, by offering as early as the second page of the paper three possible paths for Little red riding Hood to be able to join the house of Mother-to-Great.

The year is jubilant. The illustration in pencil, full of prettiness. The children will enjoy rediscovering a tale of the fantastic, where the cunning is the master word of any adventure. The book will satisfy also the young readers who, surely like Emma, have always dreamed of getting into the history of their characters and help them. The tale here is conducive to daydreaming, and more, to the imagination.

• Why kids will love?

It is a Little red riding Hood modern proposed by the authors Alexandre Jardin and Hervé Le Goff. No frills, no chorus of abuse. The reader, who is a young reader, is an adventurer. Little girls are not children to be scared, but the girls are malicious and full of good sense.

Gautier Languereau

The prose is short, punctuated by a dialogue that provides a direct link with the reader. The whole is surrounded by a beautiful drawing round. The children will ask very probably to their parents. So much the better. Alexandre Jardin and Hervé Le Goff have planned the coup. They publish a Jack and the beanstalk and Snow White 2.0. Two other tales are planned for the month of April. Success guaranteed.

we have to help the Little red riding Hood , Gautier Languereau, 32 p., 6,99 euros.