With Thomas Sertillanges, the very active animator of the year-long celebration, dedicated to the memory of Edmond Rostand, 150 years after his birth, 100 years after his death, Alexis Rostand has the discretion to souls well born. He has a great sense of family. Admire, of course, Cyrano de Bergerac , but think that the qualities of its ancestors are also to look to the side of morals, exercised in their business of financial. Meeting.

FIGARO It does not, therefore, as artists, musicians, poets, in the family Rostand?

Alexis ROSTAND – No! The sensitivity to the arts is certain and the great-grandfather of Edmond, author of Cyrano de Bergerac , if he was a merchant, if it is invested in the policy and the service of the community, in Marseille, had also created a string quartet. He was a cellist, and created this training with his brothers. But the dynasty is marked by the trade and by the bank.

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You are you-even financial. What line Rostand can make a difference in the performance of the finance?

I work for an investment fund, but, what excites me, is how morality should be expressed in the way we conduct our business. I give a course at HEC, a course devoted to a theme that I can designate as the “philosophy and investment”. The Rostand are a christian family, a catholic family that has always been the issue of ethics. Myself, I created with some friends an association, a group of thought who has taken over as the name for the motto of the Benedictines: Ora et Labora.” Prayer and work. Inspired by the thoughts of Rostand who have preceded me, I composed a document on the vocation of the investor christian. These are questions for me essential.

In the family Rostand, Jean, a biologist and moralist, was very striking. What do you think?

I am very impressed by his thinking and I have a dream to see his writings published. One is surprised, in reading it, to discover to what extent his thinking is current. Its pages on the nature, of course, his way of thinking ecologically before the letter, appear to me very strong and I would like an editor to publish it in full.

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How does the meaning of the family Rostand, the poetry, the love of the art, but also, therefore, the meaning of finance, do they transmit?

We all, as children, learned from the pages of Cyrano de Bergerac ! I have three boys, twins of 7 years, Jules and Paul, and Augustine, who was 4 years old, and the elders have learned the tirade of the nose! Paul, for his part, has a fascination for whales… I told him about the frogs, which excited her Jean Rostand. So goes the thread of a cultural heritage.