The director of Son of Man , Gravity and Roma has made a special trip to cannes to present the restoration in 4K enriched 23-minute original Shining masterpiece of horror by Stanley Kubrick, who appears in the room almost forty years after its release, in 1980. Meeting in Cannes, between sun and clouds, with a filmmaker, enthusiastic and generous.

LE FIGARO. – What memories do you have of your first vision of the Shining ?

Alfonso CUARON. – It was in Mexico city. I was already a fan of the work of Kubrick. I had been waiting for this with great impatience. I had bought the novel of Stephen King to absorb the central theme. I wanted to know all about the film. I was already a student in a film school. We were all survoltés. We had huge expectations on this film.

And what happened? Have you been disappointed?

Not at all. I keep perfectly in mind the first images of the film. They are imbued with life in my …

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