must see

• Alice and the Mayor, comedy-drama of Nicolas Pariser, 1h 43minutes

The mayor of Lyon Paul Théraneau (Fabrice Luchini) is no longer a single idea. Thirty years of political life have emptied. But the arrival of a young and brilliant philosopher Alice Heimann (Anaïs Demoustier) is going to change everything… Nicolas Pariser ( The Great Game ) knows how to film policy. It makes for a show, an action movie, where the word replaces with the punches. Anaïs Demoustier is a perfect. Luchini, faultless. Two generations brush against each other, complement each other. This produces sparks. The intelligence and the know-how burst on the screen.

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• The Eyes of Charles, documentary, Marc Di Domenico, 1h 23min

Charles Aznavour filmed nearly sixty years of his life. His friend Marc Di Domenico has had access to its images. It braid with elegance and lightness of the films Super 8, archival images of his concerts or recordings, and, on the soundtrack, his songs mixed in with his comments, spoken by Romain Duris. All of this composes a portrait of a beautiful unity lyric, carried away by the movement of a soul is restless and vibrant, never at rest. Who loves the voice of Aznavour will love his look: it is the same poetry, introspective and wandering.

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You can see

• Gemini man, action/science-fiction of Ang Lee, 1h 57min

A professional killer (Will Smith) is targeted by a mysterious stranger who provides each of his movements. A fierce struggle for survival begins. Ang Lee has taken the script of Gemini Man sleeping in Jerry Bruckheimer. The filmmaker taiwanese, in fact, a movie of stylish action, licked, which bears his imprint even the smallest plan, in particular thanks to a 3D high-resolution innovative.

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• You are young, you are beautiful, drama by Franchin Don, 1hr 40min

Prompted by Lahire (disturbing Vincent Winterhalter) to participate in boxing matches, in the basement of a nightclub Lucius (Gérard Darmon), a pensioner who expects nothing more from his life, hesitates and then accepts the proposal. He takes to the game… Gérard Darmon burst onto the screen in a composition that puts him in the nude. Body and soul. The actor does not hide anything to the camera, his performance commands respect. Franchin Don has, unfortunately, been lost through sequences that one is not explained, leaving the viewer and his questions without answers.

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• Psychomagie, art to heal , a documentary of Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1h 44 min

The documentary recounted a series of cases. Of the patients that come to find are all in great pain, often in tears. Alejandro Jodorowsky finds a way to film poetic, strong, able to appease all of these human beings full of tears. Its psychomagie is beautiful, because it is protean, bold, iconoclastic, transgressive…

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• Viaje, drama of Celia Rico Clavellino, 1hr 35min

Everything is in the original title of the film: Viaje al cuarto de una madre (Journey around the room of a mother). Whose daughter dare not tell him that she wants to go to London to live his life. Their open relationship may not withstand the separation.

• Chambord , a documentary by Laurent Charbonnier, 1h 17min.

On the occasion of the 500 years of the chateau, the film by Laurent Charbonnier offers a walk poetic sumptuous on and around Chambord. The documentary led by the voice of Cécile de France carries some of the scenes in animate. Taking the advantage of a certain slowness, the director attempts to show the field season after season. Two worlds exist side by side to the building and the animals that inhabit the vast forest.

To avoid

• Hello world! , animation of Anne-Lise Koehler and Eric Serre, 1h 01min

A film eco-friendly, educational, and teaching on the birth of animals and the discovery of the world on land and under water. Beautiful exploitation of the puppet animation “stop-motion”, colors wonderful, but the dubbing a bit sugarcoated.

• Atlantic , fantastic, Mati Diop, 1h 45min.

In Dakar, girls to walk the night like zombies, while the boys die drowned in going into Europe. Metaphorical and depressed. Grand Prix at the last Cannes film Festival.