All 28 defendants in the case about clashes of residents of Chemodanovka with the Gypsies did not admit guilt

In the Penza regional court on Tuesday began hearing the case of a mass brawl between the residents of the village Chemodanovka and local Roma. None of the 28 defendants pleaded not guilty, reports “Interfax”.

the prosecution read out the sentence, and the trial was postponed to June 23.

Recall that the brawl happened a year ago, June 13. As a result of Chemodanova with living compactly representatives of the Roma people, and one of them died in hospital from head injuries. The result was followed by riots, and the village was entered the special forces. In the case of murder and attempted murder by a group of persons in collusion of hooliganism and gang hooliganism were detained 28 people. As a result, about 650 Roma from Chemodanovka and the neighboring villages left, but in July some of them returned.

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