Tremble, infernal forces, Hellboy is back. This super-hero of the demon, working for the camp, in spite of its character of a fire, is back in a film, simply titled Hellboy , which will be released on may 8, 2019. The company’s producer Lionsgate announced Thursday a first trailer for this feature film directed by Neil Marshall ( The Descent, Dog Soldiers ) and not by Guillermo del Toro, who had the first two episodes.

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In this short film, we see a Hellboy more pissed off than ever, and still as determined to save the world. Played by David Harbour (known for his role as an investigator in the series Stranger Things ), he uses his impressive physical strength to fight the monsters and other evil creatures, such as the terrible Queen of Blood, as portrayed by Milla Jovovitch.

Hellboy trailer VF (2019) – Watch on Figaro Live

a sense Of humor and a beautiful casting

This short film packed full of explosions and scenes of combat muscular with plenty of brains crushed does not lack humour: he offers a plethora of replicas that are designed to be fun, though not very subtle. It also gives you the opportunity to see Sasha Lane, view in American Honey , Ian McShane and Daniel Dae Kim who will play the allies of the hero cornu.

This video is not necessarily representative of the entirety of the film, it will have to wait for the second trailer to judge if the atmosphere of the first reflects the film as a whole. But let’s face it the vision of a Hellboy coming out of the depths of hell with immense flaming horns gives enough desire to make it in cinemas on 8 may.