It is necessary to believe that the public no longer really want to wait for Patrick. All Inclusive , the latest film by Fabien Onteniente with his sidekick star Franck Dubosc, records a number of entries worrying after two weeks of operating rooms. Output at the same time that large productions very expected, the comedy does happen may not be the bar of a million spectators. Poor choice of agenda, or shortness of breath model Onteniente?

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He would have had to All Inclusive at least 1.5 million admissions in order to maximize its € 15 million budget. The extrapolations on the initial results, a little less than three weeks after its theatrical release on February 13, indicate that the film may not pass the bar of the million entries. Despite the presence of popular Thierry Lhermitte, François-Xavier Demaison and Josiane Balasko, the humor quickly heavy and the scenario is without great interest, seem to have had because of the efforts and good wishes of the casting.

The competition was, it is true particularly harsh in the month of February. At the time of the release of’ All Inclusive , the second part of the adventures of the family Verneuil in what is it again God? continued to reign at the head of the box office, three weeks after its release. The duo Keyboard-Lauby had attracted over a million spectators between February 13 and 19, while the film Onteniente recorded for less than half the entries. Another rival, the comedy Nicky Larson and scent of Eros of Philippe Lacheau, among the movies the most anticipated of the year, continued to find its audience. It is equally difficult to get a place in the rankings in the face to big hollywood productions, which were quick to complete the top trio with the output of Ralph 2.0 and the hybrid Alita: Battle Angel .

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In the second week of broadcast in the cinema, Thanks to God of François Ozon and the Song of The Wolf of Anthony Baudry has strongly revived the competition in the box-office French. All Inclusive manage to do better than The Great Lego Adventure 2 .

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Onteniente wanted to offer to its Camping a collaboration with Les Tuche . The third episode of the series signed by Olivier Baroux has recently been awarded the César for the public, a symbol of his popularity with the public. A project left for next. If the recipe Onteniente seems to be running out of steam, the developer could recover from this bad situation with his upcoming adaptation of the great Italian success Quo Vado , for which shooting should take place this year. Humor less heavy?