The history of Shrimp spangled packaged the Dardenne brothers in Lyon and the jury of the film Festival of comedy of Alpe d’huez chaired by Alexandra Lamy, who has awarded him a special prize. Mathias Le Goff, vice-world champion of swimming (Nicolas Gob), bites the fingers: after homophobic insults, he is sentenced to a work of general interest. Either lead a team of water polo gay. Objective ? Participate in the Gay Games, the largest sporting event on the gay world.

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“We are shocked by the return of people, the young as well as old ladies,” says Alban Lenoir, who plays Jean, the creator of the water polo team. Inspired by the reality – Cedric Le Gallo, co-author and director with Maxime Govare, as part of a water polo team in Paris, this comedy outside the norm and is reminiscent of Priscilla, queen of the desert or Pride , but it is tears of joy. “We need to stop judging on appearances, resumes Alban Lenoir. I always based on the quality of the script. My character is the most mysterious of the band, solar, it brings together and, at the same time, he has things to hide, and a burden to bear.”

Funny, cheeky, sometimes below the belt, the film Maxime Govare and Cedric Le Gallo sends a nice message of tolerance and solidarity. And is played with a jubilation palpable by a troupe of eclectic, gathered together by a casting director advised her, Coralie Amedeo. “My partners come from the theatre, television or film,” says Alban Lenoir. “We all discovered at the time of filming in Alsace and in Croatia, except Michaël Abiteboul with which I had to turn Intervention , the film of Fred Picaresque, tells the actor. This has contributed to the cohesion of the group.”

Rugby in the water

a Native of Dijon and revealed in 2015 in Gang of Benjamin Rock, the comedian, who was also a stuntman has lost a few pounds and is muscular to play the role of John. “I’ve never practiced a sport as difficult and I will never do it again, it is rugby’s in the water, you can die, but you don’t walk away!”, he asserted and burst out laughing. Alban Lenoir, who had Jean Dujardin ( Brice 3 ) and Marion Cotillard ( angel face of Vanessa Filho) as partners, is in the process of turning an action movie for Netflix. He played the main role, is the author and co-producer. In front of or behind the camera, he is committed to “200%” “I want to make the same movie director, talk about his vision, I am a puppet, each one taff, I just want to be the most truthful as possible.”

a Fan of Jim Carrey, Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Grégory Gadebois, or Céline Sallette, Alban Lenoir has the “chance” to receive proposals that varied from’one universe to another”. His childhood dream is fulfilled. “At the age of 9 years, I have said, this will be an actor and nothing else. At 17, my mother said to me: “You have won, go to Paris.”” His son has just finished a series for Netflix and will start a feature film also for the same platform.

● Shrimp with Sequins , Comedy, Maxime Govare and Cedric Le Gallo.
With: Nicolas Gob, Alban Lenoir, Michaël Abiteboul…
Duration: 1: 40.