Director of the Musée d’orsay from 1994 to 2001, then chairman and director of the Louvre until 2013, Henri Loyrette is returned to the study of the artist who is the most passionate about. This Edgar Degas who always goes to the front and who, as he said himself, is “haunted by the high idea not of what we do but of what we will be able to do one day”.

LE FIGARO. – You are his most comprehensive biographer. Why above all do you love Degas?

Henri LOYRETTE. – I discovered a child, by my grandparents. And then I came back when I started working as a curator and historian of art Degas, it is more than forty years of my life now. I am faithful, like to Ingres, with whom he shared the taste of the line. I do not get bored. There is always something to discover in his work. Pissarro had already said when he spoke of Degas: “He goes ahead without ceasing”…

“girl spartan”, Edgar Degas. Gérard Blot / RMN-GP/photo Agency of the RMN-GP

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