a Resident of the LCD “Clear. Yanino” in Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region Timothy Stoyanov organized excursions to nearby illegal dumps to everyone. Already managed to make two excursions, which called for local residents, activists and journalists. History of landfills with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said the activist.

we are Talking about the lands near the village Suoranda and the village of Ioannina, sand quarry “Rudas” and other land plots on the territory of Zanevskiy urban settlement. They are all piles of construction and household garbage, part of which is covered with earth. One of the landfill near the lake, which go to local swimming.

“With landfills in the last year was bearable, but this is literally all overgrown trash heaps. Everyone noticed it, especially in Pendolasco lake, and in the whole district. The local administration is not particularly moving, it is not in their interests,” complain the residents in the group housing complex “Vkontakte”.

“Behind the house 11 case 6 began to fill the trench with debris — chunks of concrete, rebar, old border, the scrap asphalt. Garbage KAMAZ brings, the earth takes. Little garbage dumps and landfills!” — write in comments.

Timothy Stoyanov said that the tour was launched to ensure that more people know about what is happening in Yanino, where since 2008 under the ground were buried 150 thousand tons of garbage.

“At the entrance is a small trailer of the construction company, which owns several plots. We once asked a man who was sitting there that the trucks come here. But he told us he does not fix them, although we have seen that the drivers come to him in the trailer — possibly in order to obtain permission. All this to investigate, to connect the MVD,” — said Stoyanov.

According to the activist, residents together with NGO “Green Front” has sent the OgreOhm number of complaints to the administration Zanevskiy urban settlement environmental Prosecutor’s office, but received only formal replies.

In the administration of the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was assured that the municipal areas of unauthorized dumps no.

“In 2019 Zanevskoe settlement released 2 240 cubic meters of debris, for the current half-year managed to get rid of 1 400 cubic metres of waste, — said the head of administration Alexey Gerdi. — With regard to landfills that are owned by private individuals and companies, today the control of the order of 15 such objects. Information on offences is systematically sent to all oversight bodies: the environmental Prosecutor’s office, state environmental supervision, the Federal service for state registration”.

The administration said July 22 that the office of Rosprirodnadzor in the beginning of the proceedings in Yanino-1, and on July 23 in Kudrovo, and in areas with landfills, spent sampling. In may, the investigative Committee may conduct the proceedings in the court, owned by OOO “Fariton-2”, residential complex “is Clear.Yanino”. The object of the administration is preparing a lawsuit to seize land from the owner. If the court so decides, a possible restoration.

According to Timothy Stoyanov, in fact, to all audits of municipalities are formally: after the environmental Prosecutor’s office in the APR has issued instructions to carry out land control in respect of the land 292, the owners had to roll up the litter on the ground, and the team said that the landfill is not found.

“We believe that there should be a responsible municipal land control, they have more leverage than the activists. And revegetate the dumps not just rolling them under the earth. By the way, some soiled areas on the cadastral account statement refers to as “rest and recreation”, — said Timofey Stoyanov.

Activist also reported that the debris and technically dangerous object — a gas pipeline, which is located on one of the sites and can explode under the pressure of the debris and heavy machinery, deteriorating the top soil.

“Landfills are not recultivated until now, the waste poisons the soil, groundwater, poisoning the lives of the local population. However, in practice the elimination of such large landfills in Leningrad region there, and to collect multimillion-dollar damage to the environment as a rule no one” — sums up Stoyanov.

in Winter, the “Rosbalt” wrote about how the poisoned burning landfill residents Katusha came to the authorities with an ultimatum.