All-Russia population census was offered to move to spring 2021

the all-Russian census of the population proposed to be held in April next year. About it reports “Interfax” citing a source in the financial-economic bloc of the government. Now the project of the document on the postponement of the census is interagency coordination.

the Source explained that, according to Rosstat prepared project, it is proposed to amend the RF government decree of December 7, 2019 on the census. In that document the timing of the census was listed as October 1-31, 2020. Also prepared a number of other orders for the postponement of the event next spring.

Rosstat declined to comment, noting that the decision will be taken by the government.

the Source added that now with the Ministry of Finance agreed on mechanisms for transfer of budget funding of the core costs of the census for 2021. The cost of the census (including timing) are in 2020-2022 years 29.06 m billion rubles, including in 2020 12.9 billion rubles, in 2021 — 15.2 billion rubles in 2022 895 million rubles.

we will Remind, Rosstat at the beginning of April because of the coronavirus suggested to postpone the national census from 2020 to 2021.

the Main stage of the national census is still the plan was to go from 1 to 31 October 2020, and for remote and inaccessible regions of Russia the census was to commence generally on 1 April, but the fashion industry has put an end to her conduct in the current year.

all-Russia population census is planned with extensive use of digital technology. The main innovation will be able to pass it self on the portal. When crawling dwellings census takers will use the tablets of the Russian production with special software. Also to participate in the census will be on fixed plots, including the multifunctional centerx the provision of public and municipal services “My documents”.

the Total budget for the national population census previously estimated by Rosstat, a total of about 33 billion rubles — for all the years and activities for the preparing, conducting, counting and publication of census results, including half of all expenditure is the payroll of the enumerators.

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