Almost 300 patients of infectious clinical hospital No. 2, diagnosed with coronavirus

in 282 patients infectious clinical hospital No. 2 in Moscow confirmed the coronavirus. About this informed the head physician of the hospital Svetlana Krasnova on his page on the social network Facebook.

“At the hospital, 574 people (including 17 in intensive care), of which 351 people with suspected COVID/ 282 cases confirmed by laboratory, of which: 23/20 children 35/35 pregnant, childbirth and postpartum, 16/13 people in the surgical ward, 7/7 patients in intensive care (on a respirator 3),” — said the doctor.

as of 26 may, the hospital had 46 people, including 26 with the coronavirus. Written by 44 persons, 22 of them with recovery on the coronavirus.

According to the website stopmanager.RF in RF 353 thousand recorded 427 cases of coronavirus, 118 thousand 798 people recovered 3 thousand 633 people died.

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