Almost 50 people were detained at rallies in support of LGBT activist Julia Tsvetkova

human rights activists said the number detained in Moscow and St. Petersburg at the Saturday rallies in support of the inhabitant of Khabarovsk Yulia Tsvetkova.

in Total, police caught 43 picket, some have written protocols for violation of the rules of participation in public actions, reports “OVD-info”.

Picketing in support Tsvetkova took place yesterday in Novosibirsk.

the Girl led the youth drama Studio. Detractors wrote on LGBT activist denunciations of the center for combating extremism on the fact that the theater Tsvetkova allegedly engaged in “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.” Law enforcement officers also found in the public “the vagina Monologues” bodypositive drawings Tsvetkova and started her criminal case for distribution of pornography. The artist threatens six years of imprisonment. In social networks, particularly Twitter, were mobs in defense of Tsvetkova.

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