Almost half of St. Petersburg restaurateurs refused to place summer cafe

In St. Petersburg, considered over 400 applications from restaurateurs on the placement of outdoor cafes, however, the permit extension tables eventually received about 230 institutions, have informed in city Committee of property relations.

Among the popular reasons of failure — the absence of a QR code, unsigned application, improperly executed power of attorney.

“the permit may be denied if the location for summer dining is in private ownership or leased to third parties refers to the total assets of an apartment building. Grounds for refusal may be that the plot included in the scheme of placing of non — stationary trade objects”, – said the Agency.

According to Chairman of Board of “Union of small enterprises of St.-Petersburg” Vladimir Menshikov, to dramatize is not worth it.

“unfortunately, when something happens for the first time, often we observe some inaccuracies in the document. The main thing is not the number of permits issued or received waivers, and to be able to quickly get the documents and re-submit it”, — he told the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

According to him, the privilege should be extended to the following years, which will help food develop. We are talking about the external hardware that must be removed for the night.

“If we abstradrome from other issues associated with the pandemic and measures to support, I believe the opportunity to receive free rent for the right to place portable tables are very important and necessary program. It would be useful for our business, that it was not a crisis measure, and permanent,” said the source.

Total from 25 June at Smolny received 900 applications for installation of summer cafes. This format was chosen because of the pandemic of a new type of coronavirus. Access inside the premises of a public catering is still prohibited.

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