It is part of the young artists to follow very closely. At only 25 years, Aloïse Sauvage multiplies already the caps. Actress, she was featured in the movie Robin Campillo 120 beats per minute in the past year. Dancer hip-hop, circus training, she wrote songs in which the scansion in the line of the rap, but the texts of which are in the best register of the French song.

a special Guest of the Trans Musicales, it has presented an original creation prepared in only a month. On the scene of the Aire Libre, Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, singers such as Philippe Katerine, Jeanne Added, Stromae or Fishbach preceded it. Given five consecutive nights, this “creation” is one of the benchmarks of the festival of discoveries.

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On a large tray with a blank black, as she tries, silhouette soft and slender. In the back of the stage, two musicians take the keyboard and drums. The lights on the ground illuminate a large area rug, black also. The word comes off with precision and authority. The voice of Aloïse Sauvage is sharp, its catchy lyrics as a call to live and to escape from our entanglements. She declares that she is emotional and stressed to find yourself exposed as well, just over a year after his first concert, and while she has not yet released it.

Shorts, white sneakers and great grace

“I saw a lot of first times,” she says, introducing her two companions, Arthur and Marius. This evening, the concert is broadcast on the antennas of FIP. Aloïse Sauvage does not lack to speak to the listeners. His songs sound like injunctions sweet escape. In black shorts and white sneakers, the young woman moves with great grace, halfway between the hip-hop dance and the circus.

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At one point, his microphone is suspended by a rope, which allows him to turn around and contort at the option of its altitude. The scene is like a circus ring illuminated by a lawsuit. In a nice balancing act, the singer takes off the ground to twirl in balance, without ever losing his breath. The young woman has addressed this spectacle into a real athlete, and not as a mere interpreter, who agrémenterait its delivery of a few choreographies. This makes it at once very modern and very rooted in the classic disciplines and the requirement of the show.

“It is puncturing music.”

Aloïse Sauvage

“It is exhausting music”, she says in a moment with a sense of humor. Aloïse Sauvage is talking a lot, speaking with great eloquence and wisdom. She sings about love at a time when genre boundaries are fluid. The sexuality also, with delicacy on “horizontal”. Several formulas are fly, such as “my desires are delusions”. She talks of her desires and invites everyone to let themselves be eaten by them. “Lost his voice by dint of being thoroughly” is the mantra of a song on which the room, standing up, sing with it.

the show also paid that spontaneous, Aloïse Sauvage imposes itself definitively as one of the figures to follow this year.