Already four ministries in Lebanon seized by demonstrators

Ministry of the economy, the environment and the Ministry of foreign Affairs came under the control of protesters in Beirut, the storm energy is still ongoing.

According to RIA Novosti, the military is unable to dislodge the demonstrators or from one of the buildings, despite reports of gunfire and a large number wounded.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the number of victims has exceeded 230 people and killed a member of the security forces. He was attacked at Le Grey.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab addressed the nation and promised to submit a draft early parliamentary elections, as only in this case a possible way out of the current systemic crisis in Lebanon.

Recall that the reason for the protests was a powerful explosion that rocked Beirut in the port on 4 August and destroyed half of the buildings in the city. 158 people were killed, over 20 missing. Various wounds have received more than 6 thousand people.