Altai Governor met with leaders of youth organizations

youth Day in Instagram-account management of youth policy and implementation of programs of social development of the Altai territory in the format of “Dialogue as equals” took place online-the meeting of Governor Victor Tomenko with leaders of youth public organizations.

the head of the region talked with the youth and answered their questions. The first question came from student groups in the Altai. The legendary project of the student brigades in the region, which is widespread in the country, is a Patriotic action “the Snow landing”. The guys asked her if the head of the region participate in one day “the Snow troopers”?

“It would be interesting to on the tips of their fingers to feel what’s going on with those people who make this small but very important one thing, creating it a great movement. I will consider your suggestion and maybe someone from their colleagues, we have joined, if there are such initiatives,” he accepted the invitation of the head of the region.

the Next issue was dedicated to creative spaces for young people. In the Altai region they are developing and gaining popularity. Here you can meet representatives of different youth communities to create projects and just to communicate. The United stated asked that he served a similar platform for young people in the days of his youth.

“This infrastructure was, she helped young people of that time to gather and socialize. This palaces of culture, lots of different clubs that were created in the enterprises. This Association of young people in different groups and organizations. Much happened at home, on the street, around the campfire. We discussed all that is happening in the country, the world around us and making plans”, — said the Governor.

Then came the question from the Youth government of the Altai territory. The Governor asked him if he had to be someone ona mentor.

“of Course, I mentor spoke many times and in many different situations. Head I was already long enough. In a sense, in the mandatory part of the work of the head mentor touch is always there. It’s such a normal life, which is enough to share their ideas, knowledge, methods that use in order to develop and teach others, as a rule, people younger and promising. Currently I have ward of the all-Russian project “Leaders of Russia”, with whom we are connected”, — said the head of the region.

the volunteers of the region thanked the Governor for participating in the volunteer project “Trust playing” and asked if he was ready to take part in the project again, and what sport would prefer this time?

“first, you can try to give a chance to win. In General, any sport would be interesting. The most important thing is communication,” said Viktor Tomenko. He also congratulated the head of the regional headquarters of the nationwide #MYVOTE — Nikita Fedjunina and all volunteers of the region, with the successful presentation of the activities of the regional staff under the direct line with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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