Altai indicators of the national project

In the Altai region at the end of 5 months of current year positive dynamics of shipments of agricultural raw materials and food to countries near and far abroad.

According to the Federal customs service, exports of agricultural products of the Altai territory in January—may 2020 in terms of value amounted to $126.2 million and compared to the same period last year recorded an increase of 7%.

In particular, recorded significant increases in exports of oil and fat industry (21.8%), production of food and processing industry (28.1%), meat and dairy products (by 4.92%), fish (10.3%) and other agricultural products (9.3%).

These results provided the performance target of the regional project “the Export of agricultural products” of the Altai territory is 49.2%. This project is an integral part of the Federal project, which is implemented in the framework of the national project “international cooperation and export”.

Also in the province continued to implement the program of state support of exporters and producers of agricultural products, including government regulation Hot 15.09.2017 No. 1104, which provides for compensation of part of expenses on transportation of agricultural and food products in its shipments to the countries of near and far abroad. So, for the period of validity of the resolution of the Altai exporters were paid about 370 million rubles.

By 10 June 2020 in Russia as a whole was approved 265 applications from the Russian organizations on compensation for incurred transportation costs totaling 1,472 billion rubles, and 75 of such applications filed Altai in the organization. Approved subsidies for enterprises of the region amounted to 227.3 million rubles. The volume of supported exports of 120.5 thousand tons totaling 3,510 billion.

In the structure of production in the region, the export of which was subsidized, 8.6 million tons were cereals, flour — 11.4 thousand tonsonn, beet-pulp, and 11.2 thousand tons, vegetable oils and oilseeds — 45,1 thousand tons, legumes — 15.3 thousand tons and other products — 28,9 thousand tons.

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