American Blades to

the UFC championship in Las Vegas Russian fighter of the mixed style Alexander Volkov lost to the American Curtis Blades. That was the unanimous decision of the judges.

VICTORIA DE ‘RAZOR’ BLADES POR DECISIÓN UNÁNIME #UFCxFOX Curtis venció a Alexander Volkov en la pelea estelar de UFC Fignt Night desde Las Vegas

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the ex-champion of M-1 and Bellator called the battle easy. “The fight was hard. Give 100% in those conditions that I had to prepare, did everything I could,” said a fighter in the social network.

According to the athlete, he turned to pick up the last two round and turn the tide of battle, but had not enough in order to win.

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Never give up! Thank you all for your support! Our work can sometimes be different, but I’m not one of those who like to justify themselves. Something enough, something enough. A fight is a fight, I gave all the forces, and inflicted maximum damage to his opponent. The stakes are always high, but not always everything works out in our favor. Thank you to those who are near. Still carry on for the glory! #strelapromotion #strelateam #ufc #ufcrussia

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20 Jun 2020 11:08 PDT

This is a defeat for the Russians became the eighth. He won 31. Rival Volkova Blades can boast 14 of the won battles. Misses U.S. soldier while two. One fight with its participation did not take place.

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