American Ministers opposed the laying of communication cable from Hong Kong

the Committee on the assessment of foreign participation in the Telecom sector, the US issued a recommendation to the Federal communications Commission of the country in which it is proposed to reject the application on the undersea cable link between Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

the statement was published by the U.S. Department of justice, because the Prosecutor General is the head of the Committee. It also includes heads of the ministries of defence and internal security and as advisers in the Committee’s work involved the Secretary of state, Ministers of Finance, trade, the head of N. I. and other members of the government and the US administration.

the recommendation is based on considerations of national security, said in a statement. It is noted that the Committee had approved the laying of a cable to Taiwan and the Philippines.

Project Light Pacific Cable Network involves the construction of high speed cable between Hong Kong and Los Angeles via Taiwan and the Philippines. The total length of the cable should be about 13 thousand km.

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