Amnesty International has criticized the amendments to the Constitution: This is a flagrant violation of human rights

Amnesty International criticized the amendments to the Constitution.

As stated by the AI Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia Marie Struthers, the Russian authorities are trying to give itself such powers to ignore European court of human rights.

“This is a flagrant violation of human rights and the rule of law, which would deprive many people in Russia, the most important way to justice,” she said.

human rights activists reminded that Russia joined the European Convention on human rights, and thereby agreed to abide by the rulings of the ECHR. According to them, amendments to the basic law of the Russian Federation have seriously undermined the independence of the courts in the country. They allow the President to nominate candidates to the highest judicial offices, to appoint and dismiss judges in the Federal courts.

Previously, the Venice Commission also condemned the draft amendments.

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