Under the spotlight and the gaze of two hundred children, a comedian died on Tuesday 2 April. In the full representation of a show to the venue for the Spi of Ploeren close to Vannes, Jean-Marie Chené collapsed Tuesday, April 2, victim of a heart attack. The father of two girls, the artist of 41 years was part of a company aimed at young people, Toubab’ooh.

“At the beginning Jean-Bernard and his colleague on the stage, thought it was a malaise,” said a member of the collective boom Boom Productions, which handles the company. The pupils of CP and nursery, they thought that this was part of the musical tale Nékolo , part stand-up comedian on the ecology, and laughed heartily.

Despite first aid care using an aed by parents, teachers, firefighters, and the intervention of a medical team of Smur of Valves, the comedian of the company Toubab’ooh, Guipry-Messac (35), was unable to be revived

“The children were evacuated quickly by the teacher so that first aid measures were provided. In vain.” A cell psychological has been put in place by the departmental Directorate of the catholic education of the Morbihan. According to a witness quoted by the Telegram of Brest , “the children have not really been aware of what happened”.

Jean-Marie Chesné was known in the region where the seat of his company. Comedian and musician, he offers since the early 2000s shows that children whose Nékolo created in 2010. “He was of a temperament very cheerful, always in a good mood. He participated in many events of the municipality and of the region,” explains boom Boom Productions. “A lot of people have sent us messages on Facebook and by e-mail to give us their support. It was appreciated by everyone.” On Thursday, the school Ker Anna from Ploeren started the day of class by paying homage to Jean-Marie Chené.