Since the charges of assault of his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow in 1992, is a sensitive subject. Actress Christina Engelhardt was assigned Monday to the Hollywood Reporter have had a long relationship with Woody Allen, when she was 16 years old and the director 41. If she keeps a mixed feeling about this relationship, it is not the producer of any abuse. “It is as if it was waiting for today as I have to pull down”, is indignant-she.

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“I don’t want to talk about a love story. That has made what I am today. I have no regrets”

Christina Engelhardt to the Hollywood Reporter.

At the beginning of their relationship in 1976, Christina Engelhardt had not the required legal age in the state of New York, who is 17 years old. But it ensures that Woody Allen has never asked his age. Just knew it that she was still in high school. “I don’t want to talk about a love story. That has made what I am today. I have no regrets,” repeated Christina Engelhardt, who after having been a model, became an actress. Today aged 59, it was a time close to Federico Fellini and then assistant to the producer Robert Evans.

When she met Woody Allen in October 1976, Christina Engelhardt had, according to his testimony, the “devotion” to the director, she knows the reputation. A phone number that she leaves for him on the end of the table and then an invitation in his penthouse in new york are the first fruits of a love relationship that will last eight years. In her memoirs, that she still keeps in his drawers, a volume whole is dedicated to him.

The relationship deteriorated when Woody Allen presented his new ‘girlfriend’, Mia Farrow. “I’m sick”, she explains. The director will result in a relationship of three, that she describes as now “twisted”. “This was a game conducted only by Woody, we didn’t know where we were”, she says. Christina Engelhardt explained to have been initiated at other types of sexuality by Woody Allen quiu was involved in plans to three with “beautiful young women”, and then with Mia Farrow. Again, no regret for the actress who has lived as an “interesting experience”. Contacted by the magazine, Woody Allen has not made a comment.

A model for Manhattan

Manhattan , shot by the filmmaker in 1979, tells the story of a man disenchanted 42-year-old who falls in love with a young girl, Tracy, 17 years. The common points are many with their relationship. “Then our relationship was nothing more than an adventure? We’ve shared (…) something magical, and here’s his interpretation of me and him on the screen,” laments Christina Engelhardt in his memoirs, which has had access to the Hollywood Reporter . “I cried almost throughout the movie,” she continued.

When she questioned him, Woody Allen would not have denied being inspired by their adventure. “But I was merely a fragment of the multiple figures who have inspired the character of Tracy says Christina Engelhardt in the magazine. Among them, Stacey Nelkin, who was said to have had a relationship with Woody Allen on the set of Annie Hall , when she was 17 years old.

Manhattan “reminded me of why I thought he was a man so interesting, his intelligence is magnetic”. For her, the point of difference between the man and the filmmaker, between “the way it plays with the characters in his films and how he played with [her]”.

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Woody Allen is experiencing an end-of-career-apocalyptic, denied by many in Hollywood and abandoned by the public. His last film Wonder Wheel , has collected $ 1.4 million in the United States, far from the scores of films such as Blue Jasmine or Vicky Cristina Barcelona.